Friday, August 10, 2012

Where in the world am I?

Sometimes that is the first thought in the morning when I am on the road.   And by the looks of next years schedule (and 2014 too) that is gonna be a mantra in my life.

But it’s a good thing…and truly I love it.  I have often said my motto is “have passport- will travel”.

So where am I now?

Hendrix STLC I am in Conway Arkansas.

Yep, I am visiting Emily.  Pauli is off to Atlanta doing some visiting of his own. 

I did get to see him for a few hours when I arrived on Tuesday. 

What am I doing.

Absolutely nothing.  Well at least for a few more days. 

I am basically in a “holding pattern”. 



And then this will hit the book shelves in a few weeks.  (see my website for preordering)




EQ Boutique


And right after it Electric Quilt will be releasing this.  

If you use EQ this is a boutique download program that will give you all the “Pieced Hexie” images to use in designing your own Pieced Hexie Quilts/Projects. 

Watch the My EQ Boutique website for it’s release soon.






And pretty much in the midst of all that the next issue of  Quilter’s Newsletter will come out with my “workshop” in it. 

I have a feeling I will be doing a lot more in the very near future. 

So for now I am going to enjoy my time with “nothing to do”.

….and I have found my knitting needles again.  

Life is good.