Monday, September 16, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Well my new updated (and still many more updates to be made) website has gone live!

The address is still

But one of the best features is that my blog will now be hosted right on the front page.  This will make it easier for me to link information for all of you regarding all kinds of stuff.

So head over here now for a blog post about something new and exciting that will be released next month and to following my posts these next two weeks about what has been going on “behind the scenes”.

….come on….it’s as easy as clicking right here.

I’ll race ya over!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There’s something big goin’ on….



I have a huge (read into this queen size bed quilt) project that I have on the "TO DO" list with a very, very, very (read into this by the end of September) short deadline.   






I have made a goal calendar for where I should be every day when I close my eyes.  I am going hard on it with a stepped up due date of Sept 25th.  I work best when I leave wiggle room at the end. 


I can't wait to share this with all of you as I am loving it.  (read into it my Civil War Repros loving heart is singing).


I ask that you just hang in there with me and as soon as a cover is decided (oops there's a clue) and the nod is given for release I (and someone else...another clue)BonnieHunterHeadshot  will let you in on what we have been working on.

Now back to your regularly scheduled quilting.   Carry on.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Rollin out of Home Depot with this!

I’ve been doing a lot of errand running lately.   It just seems the days are filled with stopping here and there.

I really want to be in my studio as the new project I am working on has me so psyched up I was sewing to 2:30am last night.

Soon I can share.

Very soon.

But while out and about doing the aforementioned errands a stop to Home Depot was on the list.

Actually stops to Home Depot are ALWAYS on the list but that is another story.

This stop had me in the general hardware department to purchase some brand new hand clips to hang the benefit quilt at the Brews4Drew event this weekend.

While walking to the clips I spotted this new and nifty tool cart.  Well new to me. 

Sept6-2LOOK at how it cantilevers out!  And I know I can get my featherweight in the bottom container. 

Sept6-1 copyAnd it’s on wheels with it’s own luggage-like handle!

I am loving this. 

And I have a whole bunch of driving gigs on the schedule next year.  This would be perfect for moving all my “stuff” into a hotel room in one fell swoop. 

Or how about for retreats. Or day sewing with a friend.

I do believe I will be back for one.

But there is gonna be some embellishing.   Basic black doesn’t not work for me.

It was $80.  I see a lot of Christmas list potential.



Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Road Warrior is born.

Where does time go?  Oh I know we have all heard this over and over again.

But truly this year just seems to be flying by.

I can hardly believe it is September already.

And I can hardly believe that the Holiday weekend is basically over.  Well at least for us.

It can’t be that just 72 hrs ago we were wild with anticipation for Em’s flight to come in at 6:50pm from Little Rock.  Well by the way of Baltimore.





And then the storms blew thru. 

And we all know what happens next.




And we eventually picked her up at 10:30pm.

So much for hanging together the first night.  Paul has had to work this entire weekend and well Em was just exhausted from her marathon travel day.

So we squeezed a whole lot of together time into Saturday and Sunday.

But I was also able to squeeze in some studio time.

Kitting up blocks for my next two projects.

One that I will be able to share with you starting later this month and well the other will most likely remain between me and the design board until late spring next year.



With Project #1 I decided to put a dent in my overflowing Civil War tubs of stash.

Going totally scrappy in this quilt so for 36 blocks I needed a minimum of 216 different fabrics. I lost count after 250.   Now keep in mind these are very small amounts of each fabric.  Some might appear as only a 4.5” square in the quilt. 









I was so happy I had this jelly roll (but cut at 3.5” x 20”) of shirtings in the stash.   I bought this earlier this year while out in Tucson, AZ.   Perfect for this project!  

So I sliced and diced and cut some more and now I have the “fixins” for 36 blocks to sew while out at Quilt Expo later this week.   

YES! Traveling up to Madison.  So that means I will get to see Pauli this week.  Oh my both kids in one week.  I am truly a lucky mom.

Project #2 involves my using the 4000+ 4” blocks of fabric that I used to use in my Coloriffic Workshop.  I have decided to retire this workshop after 12 years and it will be gone from the line up with the unveiling of my brand new All-Spiffed-Up website in about 10 days.

So I have conjured up an plan and it involves many 6” blocks.   So I started with making a bunch of half square triangles…and some other mystery pieces.  And then put all the pieces together for a block with a pin.  More things work on the road.

IMG_7046-58But for now I just dropped Emily off at the airport. 

Tomorrow she begins her life traveling for Hendrix College in the capacity of an Admission Counselor.   With just 14 days home from tomorrow until Halloween she most definitely will be a road warrior.   I have shared with her all the bits of wisdom I have compiled myself over the years of traveling. 

She makes her father and I so proud.   She and her brother make us look like great parents. 

I can hardly wait for her batch of road stories at Thanksgiving.


P.S. Please note I was forced to purge my personal Facebook Page and ask all of you to move over and join the Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre professional page.  This will allow all of us to talk and share all aspects of quilting (and life) under one “roof”.   Smile