Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New York Beauty Diversified


One of the greatest perks of this lifestyle is that I get to meet so many wonderful people.   And while I consider everyone who crosses my path in life a potential friend some just “stick” a bit more than others.

Enter Linda Hahn.

We met last summer while teaching together at Maine Quilts.

We instantly clicked….and stuck.

Linda is a fun and witty person who just beams with energy and a love of quilting.  As I passed her classroom in Maine I was always met with happy chatter and laughter and a few of her students ended up in a few of my workshops and they raved about how much they learned and laughed the day before.   Let’s be honest, quilting workshops are places to learn, but they are also places to rest, restore, and regroup, they are social events.   When laughter happens between sometimes strangers in the morning and friends by 10am well there is a leader in the room that makes that setting happen.  And that is a good teacher.   One who not only teaches but puts people at ease.

During all this crazy traveling I have been up to the last 4 weeks a package bearing Linda’s latest book, New York Beauty Diversified, landed in my mailbox. NYbeauty2-3r_tn

Oh Boy!

I took it on the road with me to look thru and that was a mistake as I just so wanted to play with the New York Beauty Block after reading Linda’s excellent instructions!

I am home now for a few weeks so I will be playing…and there will be a post showing my NY Beauty block but I just had to tell everyone about this book. 







     Check out Niagara Nights! 








I love that Linda shows NY Beauty quilts in her signature and much loved brights…but also in Civil War repros, floral prints, and even a red/black/white version!   

Not to mention the stories behind each quilt.  That is wonderful.  I don’t make every quilt in every book I buy.  No one can (ok now someone will prove me wrong but you know what I am saying) BUT I love to hear/read the stories behind every quilt I see in person or in print.  Yes I DO READ the info sheets hanging next to quilts at shows. 

Thanks Linda for sharing the stories.  And thanks for making this girl put making some New York Beauty blocks on her “to do” list!

You can find Linda’s website for teaching info or book ordering here.  

Tell her Mickey says Bravo!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pieced Hexie Star EMILY


Here is your free Pieced Hexie Star Pattern for March. 


It is named Emily, after my daughter who brightens my day every time she calls.  Soon she will be a college graduate and off on the adventure of life.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

I did a fabric sample showcasing Em’s favorite colors of green and lavender/periwinkle. 

You will find a PDF link at the top of the right hand side column on the blog. The PDF will give you all the info necessary to make the “Pieced Hexies Emily Star”. You will need a copy of my Pieced Hexies book to make the actual Jacks and Jazzy hexies.

April’s star is already being sewn….check back on April 15th to meet her!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Special Discount for my blog readers!

My Craftsy workshop is LIVE!



And if you click HERE you can get the workshop for 50% off!





Ok admit it if you are of a certain age you are humming Carly Simon’s tune right now while thinking about this ad from our youth.




The wait for me is almost finally over.  Well somewhere between 7-9pm CST the wait will be over….somewhat.


Nope not a tax refund (still waiting on that).




My Craftsy Class, Pieced Hexies : Beyond English Paper Piecing, will be LIVE!







Oh my it seems like ions ago now that I filmed the class when it fact it was just 6 short weeks since.  Scheduling delays (with my being on the road) and then a snowstorm delay….I kept wondering will this ever finally happen?





And now the anticipation is, the party invites are out,

will they come?




p.s. either late tonight or early tomorrow I will post a link on the blog that will take you directly to the workshop.   Smile

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Limoncello with a Doxie!


Paul and I love to buy each other gifts. 

They do not need to be extravagant items.  And in most cases cost just a few dollars.  We look for things that are unusual and quirky. 

We tend to bypass formal Birthday gifts as we both agree just planning an event spent together, i.e. dinner and movie, or a day antiquing, or an evening at a local brewery cheering on our Blackhawks with friends, is what makes that day special.

But always we are on the lookout for the quirky.

So image my smile when a recent search of the word “Dachshund” on eBay brought this treasure into view.  (sidebar…I love my ebay app.  just saying)



For those friends on Facebook you you already know that last summer Paul started to make his own Limoncello.  And it is good.  Very good.   In fact it doesn’t last long when a batch is made.

So imagine it being served to dear friends in this decanter.

Let the laughter begin.


Monday, March 4, 2013

PH Sondra Star Finished!


My PH Sondra Star is done!  Well the first one at least.  I plan on 8 more (four in this “hot” color way and 4 in a “cool” color way)

I am also working on a pieced background pattern that can be used for all PH Stars.

And I am almost done with March’s Pieced Hexie Star.  Watch for Pieced Hexie Star - EMILY around the 15th of March.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lights, Camera, QUILT!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims to film an episode of The Quilt Show.

Location: Charleston, SC. in the pouring rain! and a tornado warning!

But by afternoon the sun was shining reflecting the joy of the day.

Many thanks to my friend Wendy Butler Berns who was shooting her episode the same day.  She graciously took pics for me to share.


Strategy meeting between Shelly (awesome producer), Alex, Ricky, and I.


(someone pinch me is this really happening?)







Going over the Traditional English Paper Piecing segment with Alex.



(I still can’t believe this happened)








  yep…still beaming.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Suitcase Bed for Molly

Catchy title huh?  Well I figured you waited around long enough for another blog I might as well get straight to the point.

In the span of the last few weeks besides all the other normal chaos of life at Chez Depre, we, as in Paul and I, decided and moved our bedroom into the “big room” in the house.

We have lived at this abode for 23 years (in April) and have never slept in what is normally considered to the master bedroom.  But this circumstance is a story for another blog.

Obviously with the “big room” we reaped extra space and thus decided to step up Molly’s sleeping arrangement too.

We made her a suitcase bed.

Basic Supplies:

Funky Suitcase (had that already!)

Foam (had that too!)

Fiberfill (yep you know it)

a Yard of fleece (went shopping)

wooden feet for suitcase (more about those    later)

various tools shown (Paul had those)



As you can see Molly was anxious to get started.


First up.  I had this thinner foam from a long ago UFO project that I decided to give up and “frankenstein” the materials back into the stash.  If this wasn’t in my studio already I most likely would buy a 3” thick piece of foam to fit the suitcase bottom.   But I just stacked up 4 pieces to create the base cushion.  



We opted to use wooded shower pole hangers as the feet for Molly’s bed due to her short stature.  The holders could be painted (a deep chocolate brown) and were relatively inexpensive. Three dollars for all four.

Paul predrilled holes in the suitcase corners, the attached the holder/feet. We put a sticky furniture pad on the bottom of each to protect our floors from the screw head.





A metal plate was attached to make sure the suitcase lid never  closes.



Before I could get a pic to describe the step of making a simple pillow out of scrap fabric and lightly filling with stuffing, place pillow on top of foam and tuck in your fleece on all sides (makes for easy washing) someone jumped up on her new bed.


We do believe she smiled.




…and then she asked for her blankie and went to sleep.


We think she likes it.