Wednesday, June 27, 2012

567 mini hexies later…..



I have basted 567 mini (1/2 inch size) hexies since May 3rd.  I have also done a whole lot of other stuff since May 3rd.  But these little mini hexies kept calling my name.  So I would sneak a few in here and there everyday. And before I knew it I was well over halfway, then three quarters and late last night I tripped into “doneland”. 

Well done basting that is.  



Now the fun begins of seeing my pattern that I made on EQ7 come to life. 

Been spending lots of time on EQ7 these days but that will be a blog later this week, for now we are mini-hexing.  Well at least til 10am when I am heading back to the studio to finish the background for my next Pieced Hexies quilt.

See now that the book is done, the quilt is done, the EQ7 project is done, and the step outs for the Quilters Newsletter workshop is done, and a bunch more is DONE. Well I have some free time and I have blog material! 

Because now I can talk about all of it. YAY!DSC06174

And there is a lot of it to talk about.   It’s been a whirlwind.

But for now I am mini-hexing.  

I broke the pattern down into sections. Yes I will share the pattern…in another blog.  I want you to see the progression of this without seeing the pattern first.   Here is where I am at now.  Looks like a blob of pink/red/orange and cream.   Hang in there this is only 17 hexies.  550 to go. The quilt doesn’t have a name yet so if anything comes to mind please share as I am open to suggestions.








I also downloaded Mary Kay Andrews newest book to my Nook.  I am going to read.  again.  I snuck in two books since February. 

I am on reading withdrawal. 

I need to read.  

Enjoy the day.

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Robin said...

I'm going to love following your blog! I know from personal experience, when you're writing books and doing your art, the time to blog is hard to find. I signed up, so whenever you do, I'll come see. I look forward to seeing your new book too.