Monday, October 31, 2011

It was a dark and spooky night…. It’s Halloween!  YES! Love this holiday.

For many years when the kids were little and I was still working in the Insurance World…well Halloween was where a lot of creativity was released.  I’d like to say that Paul & Emily were some pretty decked out costumed kids each year.


Well Emily was easy…she just wanted to be some type of Princess each and every year.   

She was a Princess,Another Princess,a Fairy Princess, a Angel Princess and a Medieval Princess.  Yes this should be a bit of a warning sign for those “Princes” out there.



Still working on the “Hexies”…if you are a friend on Facebook you know this by my daily status updates.  Will post some Hexie info here and there on the blog but I am trying to keep the material different and fresh.

During the late summer I was drawn back to eBay and it’s vast array of vintage quilt block offerings.   I think having my tablet(a new toy!) and being able to just quickly check in and bid on things was a factor…but let’s just say a few block purchases….ummm….address relocations happened.

I pulled out a set and put them up on the wall.  I am going to let them stay there for a few days so I can enjoy them and they can speak to me regarding how to finish them.

I love vintage blocks from the 30s/40s.   WHAT?!? Aren’t you a “whimsical” art quilter? I can hear some of you saying…and some scratching of heads.  

Truth be known I love BOTH Art Quilts and Traditional Quilts. It’s just the Art Quilts are what I am known for in the industry. 





But if you look closely (not to closely yet..still working on a website update…but soon) you will see traditional blocks have been making their way into the backgrounds of my art quilts for a few years now.  

So I have decided with this “new leaf” of a blog to just as I say

“Let my Traditional Quilting Freak Flag Fly”

So this blog will cover both.  Art Quilting and Traditional Quilting (heck I even love to do needle turn applique!)

and some knitting…

…and some kid stories….and whatever wacky thing that Paul Sr. does…

…stick around….

it could be interesting.

p.s. Look closely at this fabric….I’ve seen it before haven’t you?


Jennifer said...

Omg, love those pics of the kids!

Maggie Szafranski said...

Wouldn't the women who made those blocks be so flattered to know that there work was still living an active life!