Friday, November 4, 2011

And then there was a pattern

On Tuesday Morning I logged into Facebook to change my profile pic from “Lucy in her witch costume” (think Charlie Brown fame) to well…hmmm.

I wanted to do something to set the tone for November and the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving.

I looked around.

Then I spotted the table runner that I created back in 2002 for a basic quilting class for exchange students that I taught at the local college.   Seems a requirement for graduation was a American Craft for these students and thus I had to develop a simple project.  Most students did not have access to a sewing machine so this pattern worked well as we spent weeks completing the appliqué and then I put together a bank of about 6 machines for one class and we sewed the entire table runner together in class and then moved on to hand quilting.  Having students for and entire semester was a new and wonderful experience.  But we are getting off the subject….so….

I snapped a picture of the center of this table runner and posted it to my fb page.  And within an hour I had two private messages asking for the pattern.  And by day’s end there were more.

So I went looking for my original pattern file.  This pattern was self published as that is pretty much required by the college system. 


I have self published a few patterns over the years and had be thinking about revisiting this idea with the acceptance of PDF patterns growing.

I found the disc…I was a genius on March 8, 2006 because I actually stored the pattern info in PDF form!   All I did was reshoot the pictures because technology has come a long way in digital cameras since 2001.   And viola!


“Autumn Pumpkin Harvest” table runner pattern is available to purchase on etsy at this time. You can link here or at the side of this blog.

In searching for the pattern so many other pattern ideas were unearthed.   Let’s just say I am going to be very busy.  Most of these ideas have never see life beyond these walls.  

I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason.

Stay tuned for an update on the “Hexie Quilt”…but first I need to clear off the design wall.


mickie said...

Ah, I remember this one :) Way back when...
And I see your pothos is still growing just fine!

Virginia said...

just purchased the pattern - thanks

Maggie Szafranski said...

Thanks for making such a great pattern! I am sure that digging through the archives stirred up all kinds of creativity!