Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fruit Water Anyone?

I am slowly working blogging back into my lifestyle.  It will find it’s way.  I am busy at work in the studio..but a few projects must remain “in the dark” for now so I am worried about content.  After all two of my subjects are now living 600 miles away.  But I will find things to share…I promise.

And so another week has slipped on by.  But I do have this to let you know about.


The cooking gadgets section of Bed Bath and Beyond has become one of my new playgrounds. So many toys for the kitchen…who knew…I do now!


A find that recently came home with us is a Fruit Infusion Pitcher. Easy concept…sliced fruit in loaded in to a center column that is full of vents opening into the pitcher.  Yes this can be done without the fancy pitcher…but I am all about the product in this Kitchen Gadget Discovery phase.  

Since we rarely have soda in the house anymore (for about three years now) tea and flavored tea have become staples. 

I think one of these pitchers will find it’s way to Arkansas for two people to enjoy.

After a few hours in the frig we were treated to raspberry orange water…it was good.


I also found this cute little teapot which is just perfect for us.  We have been drinking a lot of tea lately and discovered this wonderful online loose tea shop, SensibiliTeas.    We highly recommend the Caribbean Cooler…and the Blackberry Roobios.

Rockford Files

And yes I have been still hexing.   And while doing so I have discovered that Netflix has all 122 episodes of The Rockford Files on instant watch.  And so James Garner has been keeping me company.  The Hexie Quilt top will be done by February 7th…that is the goal.

But today is Pineapple Block day…yes another project.  There will be a full blog tomorrow in which I will show my progress (started last Sunday) and the unique setting I have come up with.


crowefan0517 said...

Hope to join your Trash to Treasure quest soon! I have cut quite a few strips. Hoping to get the first block done this week, but I'm working on two other projects at the same time. I normally only work at one project at a time, but I'm kinda likely switching it up, depending on what I feel like doing that day. Happy to hear you're going to blog more.

Chester, NY

Maggie Szafranski said...

How cool! I may have to take a look for this! I love kitchen gadgets as well as sewing gadgets!