Monday, January 23, 2012

Piecing Pineapples at the Movies

During my recovery from surgery I watched the entire season 9 of The Quilt Show one weekend.    Gyleen Fitzgerald was featured on one episode showcasing her ruler for making Pineapple blocks.  Viola…the dreaded Pineapple block is not so dreaded anymore.  Years ago I made a blue/white quilt for my sister in this block.  It was king size…I swore…never again.  I am retracting that statement.
I quickly ordered it here. (plus her book)
When I was given the green light by the doc I would venture downstairs and began to cull down my scrap bins to 1.5” strips…and also a few strips were taken off yardage when I felt more of a color was needed.  Seems I don’t have too many green scraps.
Two weeks ago I began to sew and deemed Sunday’s as Pineapple nights.  I love my Sunday nights…Paul shifts to his night hours and now I can spend the entire time in the studio pretty much uninterrupted. 
I pieced nine blocks that first Sunday and went to bed dreaming of settings for these blocks.  And just as I was about to fall off to sleep it hit me.  I quickly jotted down my idea and went back to bed.

Yesterday (Sunday) I started sewing and unfortunately my head cold kept me to just 4 blocks. 
But I did begin making the “sew line” sashing that I envisioned.

Some feedback on facebook is that is reminds people of filmstrip…and yes I can see that…thus the name of this blog entry….and considering that as the name of the quilt too….hmmm…what do you think?
Note on the sashing I originally put 1.5” strips of black fabric on side of the pieced center…I knew it was too much black but wanted to see it up against a few block before I decided.  I did eventually trim it down .5” on each side. 

The four blocks I did make yesterday were “lights” or opposite positioning of my previous blocks.  These will be used as just “2 packs” as I am calling them…or a relief of the darker “4 pack” traditional coloring pineapple blocks.  This will create some depth and give the overall quilt a look of plaid.  Shown above is 3 units across.  The full quilt will have 5.
Look for Pineapple Updates on Mondays.
oh yeah…and I have also started working on this….


Jennifer said...

The pineapples are great! And I am really intrigued by the new project - I am totally enjoying watching you piece this more traditional stuff and put your spin on it!

gail.designs said...

love the black and white.

Darlene B said...

Beautiful, Mickey! Maybe you can explain how to use that ruler? :) Glad to have you bloggjng again ...

Mishka said...

Love your setting strips, great idea. Blocks look amazing.

Maggie Szafranski said...

Totally awesome! Love the juxtaposition of the scrappy with the black and white!

Joy Manoleros said...

Love this! And I was wondering HOW you managed to get work done at the movies in the dark! Hahaha!