Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Craftsy Taping 101

craftsy-logo Wow what a day yesterday was!  I planned to blog last night but a 5 hour “nap” got in the way!  But this is fine.  I will putter a bit after posting this then it’s back to bed for a few more hours of sleep before the fun begins again.

Yesterday started with my 7:45am pick up by Danica, Craftsy’s awesome hair and makeup girl!

And then the rollercoaster began.  Due to an accident (not involving us) of Denver’s Light Rail well we got stuck in the hotel parking garage for 20 mins.  :(   But Danica’s awesome reverse driving skills got us out of the jam and on our way.

Breezed thru hair, makeup, wardrobe.   Just a note future Craftsy students I curtailed the 8 wardrobe changes to just 4.  I’m not a big “clothes” person and convinced my wonderful producer that 4 outfit changes for 8 lessons will suffice.  At least for my class. 

Then onto the set.  And unfortunately my crew, Rachel, Andrew, Shawn & Drew (yes two Andrews!) were having some prop and then technical difficulties that set us back….a few hours.

See the window….I hope you like it.  it was a pain to get to look like daylight streaming thru.  I wanted to tell my crew it was ok if it was “night” out since I am a nocturnal quilter.  But I didn’t …too early in my relationship with them to poke a little fun.  But will definitely mention it today. :)

After the window, well we had a camera issue, a sewing machine issue, a power issue,  and then a dead microphone issue.  And it wasn’t until a little after 11am that we started to shoot.   I could see the strain on their faces as we were so behind schedule. 

I nailed the first segment in record time with little retakes and voila it was smiles all around.

This is a pic of what is just beyond the actual set.  Andrew sits behind the computers makings sure everything syncs up and looks good.

Jason is looking over to check the lighting balance.   Rachel is kneeling down to check notes.

Once we got going there was no stopping us.

We got thru filming 5 segments.  We filmed 4 of the 8 lessons and then went back and reshot an entire lesson with a new camera angle that we all decided we liked better.  Nailed that reshoot in one take.  The entire lesson.  whew





Finally we have daylight streaming thru the window.

But now this quilter needs to get back to bed for tomorrow is another day “on set”.   Oh yeah I am hip to all the filming lingo now…. sweeping out.


jody59 said...

You are such a pro Mickey! I can't wait to take your class! Enjoy your visit to Denver! Colorado loves you!! :)

Maggie Szafranski said...

You are probably their star "star"! Have a great second day of filming!

Terry said...

Wow! What an incredible experience!