Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Project-itis!

Another new project has been born.

This one started with the delivery of a bag of lovely batik scraps from my friend Sondra of Mojo Quilt Designs.  She offered them up as she knows I am working on the samples for the next Pieced Hexies Book and in need of many different fabrics in small amounts.

But when I opened the bag and began sorting out the scraps in size…well my mind was whirling and a new Pieced Hexie Quilt was born.



I needed a fabric to tie everything together and I immediately pulled this lovely dark gray with black polka dots out.   It is the perfect scale of print to calm down the craziness of what I am planning to do with the scraps.



Then I began to divide into HOT and COOL piles.





I knew I wanted to spotlight the COGS design from Pieced Hexies.   I have been keeping track of which designs are booked when I teach Pieced Hexies Buffet and poor Cogs is bringing up the rear.  So it needed some special attention.




The quilt design will have a large 9 patch format, 5 cool “whatevers” (not totally revealing my plan yet) and 4 hot “whatevers”.

Cut all the 2” squares of the polka dot and then from the scraps.







Spent the evening sewing.

My plan was to sew all them together and kit them up for basting and sewing together on the road.







I sewed 3 sets entirely together…then I had to take at least one HOT and one COOL kits to the basting and sewing together step.  I couldn’t wait.


So here is where I am.

Scrappy HOT and COOL Cogs Pieced Hexies!

Well actually I am back in the studio sewing up the other 6 sets so I will be good to go for my travels tomorrow.

Craftsy here I come…hopefully…now the weather might be an issue.  :/


Jennifer said...

Oh, wow! That just makes those cogs sing!

Nancy: said...

I love them!

jatajomi said...

Wow, I can see a great 3D effect !
I love your hexies !
Greatings from Germany!

Sarah said...

I *love* black with batiks so this project will look stunning! Can't wait to see more. And then I need to finish my pieced project so I can start another - with batiks again!