Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Suitcase Bed for Molly

Catchy title huh?  Well I figured you waited around long enough for another blog I might as well get straight to the point.

In the span of the last few weeks besides all the other normal chaos of life at Chez Depre, we, as in Paul and I, decided and moved our bedroom into the “big room” in the house.

We have lived at this abode for 23 years (in April) and have never slept in what is normally considered to the master bedroom.  But this circumstance is a story for another blog.

Obviously with the “big room” we reaped extra space and thus decided to step up Molly’s sleeping arrangement too.

We made her a suitcase bed.

Basic Supplies:

Funky Suitcase (had that already!)

Foam (had that too!)

Fiberfill (yep you know it)

a Yard of fleece (went shopping)

wooden feet for suitcase (more about those    later)

various tools shown (Paul had those)



As you can see Molly was anxious to get started.


First up.  I had this thinner foam from a long ago UFO project that I decided to give up and “frankenstein” the materials back into the stash.  If this wasn’t in my studio already I most likely would buy a 3” thick piece of foam to fit the suitcase bottom.   But I just stacked up 4 pieces to create the base cushion.  



We opted to use wooded shower pole hangers as the feet for Molly’s bed due to her short stature.  The holders could be painted (a deep chocolate brown) and were relatively inexpensive. Three dollars for all four.

Paul predrilled holes in the suitcase corners, the attached the holder/feet. We put a sticky furniture pad on the bottom of each to protect our floors from the screw head.





A metal plate was attached to make sure the suitcase lid never  closes.



Before I could get a pic to describe the step of making a simple pillow out of scrap fabric and lightly filling with stuffing, place pillow on top of foam and tuck in your fleece on all sides (makes for easy washing) someone jumped up on her new bed.


We do believe she smiled.




…and then she asked for her blankie and went to sleep.


We think she likes it.


Maggie Szafranski said...

How totally cool!

Jennifer said...

Love it! Glad to see Molly does too :)

Vicki said...

Really cool idea! So cute how she climbed right in - nice to see your work appreciated isn't it. And love the post about the recipe as well - might try it for my 3 dogs.

GO STARS! said...

What a terrific idea! And Ms. Molly sleeping in it is precious. Thanks for sharing.

SubeeSews said...

And a nice place to stash her toys too!!!

Annemieke said...

It always make me smile when I see dachshounds on other people weblogs. I have two myself.Your dog is very lovely and her new bed is very funny. Our little Lizzy always jumps in our suitcase if we make it ready for a holiday. I think it is in case we forget to bring her...She might like a suitcase-bed or it could make her a bit nervous (holiday coming up? )
I actually visited your blog to see what a pieced hexie is and your book about it. Very new and interesting to see.