Tuesday, March 12, 2013




Ok admit it if you are of a certain age you are humming Carly Simon’s tune right now while thinking about this ad from our youth.




The wait for me is almost finally over.  Well somewhere between 7-9pm CST the wait will be over….somewhat.


Nope not a tax refund (still waiting on that).




My Craftsy Class, Pieced Hexies : Beyond English Paper Piecing, will be LIVE!







Oh my it seems like ions ago now that I filmed the class when it fact it was just 6 short weeks since.  Scheduling delays (with my being on the road) and then a snowstorm delay….I kept wondering will this ever finally happen?





And now the anticipation is, the party invites are out,

will they come?




p.s. either late tonight or early tomorrow I will post a link on the blog that will take you directly to the workshop.   Smile

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