Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pieced Hexie Star–AUDREY


AudreyPHStarColoredAww…the name Audrey.  I love this name.  That grade school teacher that changes your life (I hope everyone has one of these..if not a few) for me was named Mrs. Bukovsky….Mrs. AUDREY Bukovsky.  Mrs. B. was my 5th grade teacher.  She was that cool teacher who filled our class room with all kinds of “out of the box” learning tools.  We had class pets galore (turtles, frogs, a gerbil, etc) and projects were always inventive.  She was the cool teacher to have. 

I was so lucky.

All year she watched me crocheting during recesses, and she obviously caught on that I was a “crafty kid”.  So it was a surprise and delight when on the last day of class she asked if she could commission me to make a granny square afghan for her.  (this was the 70s remember).

Could I!  I shook my head yes before I even knew what “commission” meant.

Then she pulled out a big bag from LeeWards filled with beige, brown, yellow and rust colored yarn.  And a pattern…for a california king size granny square afghan.

I crocheted all summer.   I’m not gonna lie the all beige squares were tedious.

And my mom helped with sewing it together.

I presented her the afghan on day one of the new school year.

I was so proud.

Mrs. B is now my neighbor ironically.   I get to thank her almost everyday when I see her on my daily walks with Molly (she is now retired) for her giving me direction in my life’s work.

So here is Pieced Hexie Star – AUDREY.

This example is done in a scrappy blues with the yellows and oranges staying the same.  I like to mix “Scrappy & Stable” as I call it.  Hope you like it too.

As always you can find the pattern to the right on the blog.



p.s A big THANK YOU to Cathy K. one of my wonderful “stunt sewers”.



LOVELY--thanks for sharing! these have all been great--I have not had a chance to make one but I intend to do so--wonder if I can incorporate them all into one quilt?!?!?!?! then I have some time to go to make them all :-)

Patchwork Penguin said...

It is lovely. And what a great way to honor a teacher.

Mickey Depre said...

Working on a background pattern Carole!

Robin said...

I imagine Audrey sees you with joy in her heart that she has had a part in developing your awesome creative spirit. It's a beautiful thing that you honor her with this pattern and with your words of gratitude to her.

Robin said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I appreciate your tip about mixing scrappy & stable, something I'd not consciously embraced, something that now, thanks to you, has name and form in my mind.