Friday, June 28, 2013

My own FQ pack.

As I wandered the vendors yesterday I honestly got a little bored.

It seemed as if every vendor who had fabric had it "prepackaged" in groups of 6-8 FQs. Sometimes all the fabrics were from one line other times not...but all were already bundled.

Now I appreciate the marketing aspect of this....but I wanted to play.

Then I spotted a booth with lots of fat quarters loose. Yippee I thought and dove into putting together my own FQ bundle.

First I quickly scanned the fabrics to find my inspiration or jumping off fabric.

That would be this cranberry fabric.

These four fabrics quickly jumped on board.

And theb I went in search of the "Crazy Aunt" fabric. The life of the party. The fabric that makes the other fabrics just a bit more zippy.

These two joined the crew.

When I turned around to check out I found two ladies and the shop owner smiling at me. Seems they were watching me bop around from bin to bin and wanted to see my "collection" for themselves.

One lady asked me to help her put together some blues/purples and we opted to add a black stripe to her mix (I wish I would of snapped a pic) and the other lady found all the fabrics I picked for herself.

Wow...I was honored.

I love to play with fabric combos.

But then again dont we all?

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Maggie Szafranski said...

How awesomely fun! You have great color sense!

Anonymous said...

i like them all.....super fun fabrics...