Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finally Anna in fabric.

Finally I have found the time to take the pic and post the blog.  I cannot apologize enough.  

Here is Pieced Hexie Star Anna in fabric.



Thank you for sticking it out and waiting.  It’s been a tough couple of weeks here at Chez Depre.  And I have made the decision to share with you one of the stress factors.

Unfortunately a close family member is dealing with another round of cancer. While I cannot share whom and exactly what form out of respect for their privacy I can tell you it is not Paul Sr, either of the kids or myself.  But it is close enough to part of our daily lives too.

We will get thru this.  We have done so in the past.  And we will be stronger and more united on the other side.  That is what love brings to the table in the fight against this awful disease.

So if I am a few days late on some promises…please bear with me.  It’s pretty hectic here.

But I have a lot of good quilty things in the works too and will be able to begin to share this week.

And another one of the hectic items is a good kid thing (actually a few are and I will keep sharing as they become clearer).   Today’s good thing is in just a few hours dear son, Paul Jr., will be flying overhead to a job interview in the Wisconsin.  

He is still on the path of completing his Federal Service Officer’s testing but this opportunity has arose and if all goes well (hey the company is paying all his expenses to bring him in for a face to face interview…that’s positive!) I may have him within a two and a half hour car ride from my front door for a few years.

And that makes this mom smile.  

…….even though he will be residing “behind the cheddar curtain” as we say here in Chicagoland.

Cheese curds anyone?isCAO749W4


Enjoy the day!


Beth said...

This hexie is stunning.

Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

Marcia said...

In my prayers. Hope piecing helps with the stress and doesnt add to it. Take care of yourself.