Monday, July 1, 2013

Who is this dog?





I just had the bejeezus scared out of me and witnessed a miracle at the same time. 





On our afternoon walk Molly and I encountered four bike riding kids.  They whizzed past us from behind and I heard them coming so we moved over to the side of the sidewalk and stood still. 

Not a peep from Molly (oh my!). 




We rounded the corner and we were face to face with a Doberman Pincher pup out for a stroll with his human too.  We walked right by...there was no time to "get out of the way" and nada from Molly.  She even looked back at the dog a good 15 feet past and said nothing. 



imagesCA3ZRFFUA few blocks later I decided to head back home by cutting thru an alley.   We were halfway down the alley when I hear a chain jingle behind me and turn to see a full grown Boxer heading toward Molly.  I screamed just as he literally leaped over her and turned getting down on his fore legs in a let's play stance.  And to my surprise Molly attempted to do this also.  But I was already dragging her in via the leash and scooping her up in my arms.  The Boxer's owner ran out into the alley and the dog immediately ran to her.  She apologized again and again and said her dog loved to play and she hoped we were ok.  We were.  


I walked a few houses with Molly in my arms.  Then put her down.  We walked home. 

She never even cried.



Who is this dog?!?




my dogs would have had all the neighbors out to see who was causing all the raucous! though they love everyone and calm down soon enough--they act like they have never seen another human! :-) that is to say I have no idea how they would act if they ever saw a cat--they dont know what one is ;-) glad Molly didnt get spooked ;-) *~*CAROLE*~*

rscowtown said...

Mickey, you have a doxie???? sweet! We have 3 currently. I just was watching an older quiltcam and Bonnie mentioned you and said go look at the colaboration tab and well golly here I am. I'm in Wisconsin. Do you have a schedule of where you will be trunk showing or teaching? I may have missed it on the blog.

Anyway hello!

Laurel in Wisconsin

Mickey Depre said...

Laurel Yes we have a mini doxie we rescued about 14 months ago, she just turned 10 and is the light of this house. Can't imagine life here without here. We are currently considering adopting a second.

I don't put my schedule on my website for security reason but send me an email as I do have a gig in Wisconsin in October that I can tell you about.