Friday, September 6, 2013

Rollin out of Home Depot with this!

I’ve been doing a lot of errand running lately.   It just seems the days are filled with stopping here and there.

I really want to be in my studio as the new project I am working on has me so psyched up I was sewing to 2:30am last night.

Soon I can share.

Very soon.

But while out and about doing the aforementioned errands a stop to Home Depot was on the list.

Actually stops to Home Depot are ALWAYS on the list but that is another story.

This stop had me in the general hardware department to purchase some brand new hand clips to hang the benefit quilt at the Brews4Drew event this weekend.

While walking to the clips I spotted this new and nifty tool cart.  Well new to me. 

Sept6-2LOOK at how it cantilevers out!  And I know I can get my featherweight in the bottom container. 

Sept6-1 copyAnd it’s on wheels with it’s own luggage-like handle!

I am loving this. 

And I have a whole bunch of driving gigs on the schedule next year.  This would be perfect for moving all my “stuff” into a hotel room in one fell swoop. 

Or how about for retreats. Or day sewing with a friend.

I do believe I will be back for one.

But there is gonna be some embellishing.   Basic black doesn’t not work for me.

It was $80.  I see a lot of Christmas list potential.




Bonnie B. said...

I've seen quilters use something like this for classes. One gal got hers at Sears, I think. I was going to look them up. Then forgot to do so. Glad you reminded me. Good move.

Maggie Szafranski said...

That is uber cool! Definitely a great idea for traveling. Would it be too heavy though? My back and bladder can't take too heavy of lifting!

Sylvia said...

I have one VERY similar and my Featherweight fits in the bottom.

Dorothy Matheson said...

I have one. I stopped using it and have a fold up canvas waggon now. The tool card is fine but I cannot lift it full in and out of the car. Just too heavy with sewing machine, projects, equipment, etc. in it. I have to take stuff out then lift it in or out. The wagon is fine as I can pack bags and small plastic totes and just put them in the car and the wagon folds right up and is not so heavy to lift into the trunk.