Monday, November 19, 2012

Molly Paws Quilt Block!


George&MollyPawsFinally I am behind George and quilting away.  There is a stack of 6 (maybe 8) tops on the studio counter and I hope to have them all done by Dec 17th when the kiddos are home for what will be their last Christmas Break ever.

Oh my…I can’t believe they are seniors in college and this is it.  Most likely one if not both may not even be in the country at this time next year.  But that is for another blog.

So first out of the chute for quilting is an antique quilt top that I acquired this summer. 

When I buy a quilt top (or blocks) they have to be special to me.  And this one caught my eye first because I had never seen the pattern before and second because of the truly scrappiness of it in all it’s 30s glory.

DSC06379I searched and searched, even threw images up on facebook and it seems no one has a name or source for this block.

So I decided to call it “Molly Paws” after you know who.  My antique quilt tops are usually labeled with the name “ANTIQUE – (block name)” once I quilt them so it needed a name for reference.




Then I decided this block needed to live on.  In studying the quilt I determined that English Paper Piecing would be the best way to replicate this block with all it’s curves and funky spikes.

Here is my replication done in fun bright fabrics!

And if you wish to purchase the pattern you can do so here on the Craftsy page.  I will be putting all my PDF patterns here as I love Craftsy and their format.   Plus I will be shooting a Craftsy workshop of my own in late January so nice to have everything in one place.

Molly Paws will also be a new 6 hour workshop that I will be adding to my offerings in my usual first week of January update.  But if your guild wishes to book me now know that all workshop selections can be changed up to 6 months prior to my arrival. 

Now I am back to the studio.  Paul helped me last night with putting the next top together with  batting and backing so away I go.

Sneak peak….



Jennifer said...

Good luck with the quilting goals! I love how your antique tops are so different from most of the ones we see from you!

Mickey Depre said...

Oh Jennifer you know I like it ALL!

Vicky said...

Love it! I have a quilt that was given to me when I was 8 (52 years ago) by my Aunt Mackie and I plan to EPP a copy of it. It's done in diamonds and squares. It is one of my favorite quilts!

As a hand quilter, I have a stack -- too many to count -- of quilts to do! They will keep me warm this winter!

Maggie Szafranski said...

Love Molly Paws! I can see it done up in a modern quilt type setting, or placed to make a full circle....on and on!!!!

Me and My Stitches said...

Very unique pattern - love it!