Monday, November 26, 2012

This is what makes me smile!

Vicky in Texas sent me this picture of her Pieced Hexies table runner.  I asked permission and she said I could share.


Pieced Hexie table topper (18 Nov 2012)


As a designer, author, teacher and quilter it is when I receive pics of projects from my patterns/instructions completed or not that I just smile.

My whole idea around the format of the first (yes a second is already in the works) Pieced Hexie book is to give the “know how” and let each person apply it to their own creative vision.

imagebooksSome of my favorite books in my own personal quilting library are the “Around the Block” books by Judy Hopkins (long our of print).   These books provide the pattern for a block in several different sizes.  No patterns.  Just information.  You can still find them on eBay and several sellers on Amazon.  The prices reflect the treasures that they are. 

I often tell my students “I will provide you with enough information to be dangerous”.   Smile

Thanks Vicky for making my day!

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