Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quilt Babes Retreat Here I Come!

RoadtripTomorrow I am on my way to Gladwin Michigan to attend the Quilt Babes Retreat with my good friend Cathy. 

Yep ATTEND…no teach!

My very first retreat as a “retreater”.  

I am like a kid waiting for Santa. 

Well I am always like a kid waiting for Santa around this time of year but that is another story.

I have several projects kitted up and ready to sew.

IMAG0072The first being my “Coca Cola Quilt”.   This pile of fabrics has sat long enough on my counter in my studio just waiting to become the snuggle-under-with- a-book quilt I have always wanted.   While I don’t really drink Coke anymore…except with pizza.  I still love it.

This quilt is my No-Brainer project and I bet it will be done in a jiffy.

So then I decided it was time to tackle another palette/pile of fabrics in my studio.  They too have been waiting for quite awhile to become a large bed quilt.  



Here is my “Insane Retreat Quilt” (temp name for now).

The quilt will finish roughly 95x95. (I am guessing ‘cos the pattern is now in my suitcase in the studio and I am two floors above in the office and don’t feel like walking all the flights…sorry)







I always kit up my quilt projects pretty much once I dive in.  It is amazing how much smaller the project space footprint becomes when you do this.

This is  46 blocks.  See how small. 


1351967592065Made a few test blocks.  The second block does not have it’s final border on it.  Need some more blue-gray fabric fabric…this will be fixed on the ride up.

So we shove off in the morning.  With many planned Shop Stops along the way.  I will hopefully post some blogs (if WiFi is found) and/or to Facebook. 

My bags are packed and I am ready to go!


Maggie Szafranski said...

Have a fantastic time! You deserve it!

Jennifer said...

Enjoy your retreat - they are a blast. And, if you have so much fun that you want to do it again soon, we have space available for a retreat in central IL in March.

Kim said...

Oh man...I need a retreat SO BAD!!! Enjoy it for me too! ;o)

CHRISTY Leonard said...

I noticed a "we"... you & Molly ?

Robin said...

I'm off to our quilt camp tomorrow. We don't do "classes" at camp... just sew! But this is the first year in a while that I'm not teaching somewhere else or writing a book. Yay! Like you I'm like a kid at Christmas! HappY Q camp to both of us!

Jackie said...

I was looking at your blog and saw the quilt Retreat Picture and I thought.. Gee that looks like the place I go to. Well I actually read the blog and sure enough it WAS The Springs. I go there twice a year with the old Quilt Chat group .. now the Sugar River Quilters. It is a great place to go to quilt.