Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quilt Babe Retreat

I intended to blog on Monday and then life got in the way.  Life is certainly busy and a bit chaotic if feel lately.  But that is another story.

We (my good friend Cathy and I) left on Thursday and shopped our way up to The Springs in Gladwin Michigan.


Here is part of the sewing room at 7am on Saturday.  I was the first one down to sew…go figure. Smile 

At home I kitted and packed my projects.  I just wanted to sew sew sew.  I know my schedule is going to be crazy full with obligations and necessary projects for the next few months so I just wanted to spend a few days working on stuff for myself.
It was wonderful.
First off I kitted my Coca Cola Quilt.  The Coke fabric has been living in the studio for many years and I have always wanted to make myself a Coca Cola Quilt.  


I tossed in some of Paul’s blue hand dyed fabric and started to sew. 

It is a super simple pattern I found in the Sept/Oct issue of McCall’s Quilting called “Grubstake”.
The magazine rendition is made using Windham’s Prairie Crossing collection…lots of reds and browns. 
I saw a great way to spotlight a conversation print.  Not overdone with Coke fabric everywhere.  Just enough to enjoy.


I got the top 90% done at retreat and finished up the borders yesterday at home.   Now it will go on the quilting pile with the plan to have it done by month’s end.


The next project in queue was my “Blue Cherries” Quilt (tentative name) of the Insane Retreat Quilt.  You pick which name you like.
Here is my EQ pattern.
It was kitted up and I got the 16 yellow/pink blocks done. 
I will save this project for a blog post later this weekend or next week.

Because starting today I am going to be quilting..quilting…quilting.  Then binding…binding…binding.  I have at least 8 quilt tops stacked up.  Some Old Some New.   But ALL will get done.

First in queue is this antique beauty that I have named Antique Molly Paws (a new version of this unique block is being designed). 

‘til tomorrow…and the release of my Block Party Block!


Robin said...

gossiping, sharing, talking
whirring, grumbling, whizzing
conceived, started, finished
Oh quilt camp!

I just got back too. Will have to post. Love your coke bottle top, and "Blue Cherries" and "Molly Paws" will be super lovely! Can't wait to see them.

Jennifer said...

Love the Coke quilt!