Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another shade of gray


I buy a lot of gray fabric. 

It’s a hard color to find. Most shop owners overlook it.  Or carry just a few. And when I find it I usually buy it as most times it is a print I hadn’t seen in a shop prior.  I know the fabric manufacturers do make it.  I spend hours looking at fabric company swatch pages.

I love gray.  It can really pump up the softest of pastels and tone down the most outrageous of oranges.  

So I went back to my stash and pulled out my black/gray bin and set off to make another colorway/style option for the previous Dresden Plate idea.

Ta-Da.   SPARKLE Pieced Hexie in the center!


Please ignore the basting stitches.  Yesterday I had one of the “glitch days” in life where nothing was gelling.   But I got the rosette done and wanted to share.  

This really sings to me. 

So I made a quick mock up of the block in a quilt setting.



Oh couldn’t you just picture this with a wide dusty purple-gray border and some lovely applique.

…or maybe some more Pieced Hexies around the edges.


Maggie Szafranski said...

Grey is a great neutral! And hard to find the just right grey sometimes, so I like to buy it also!

Sarah said...

I've also noticed that a good gray is hard to find - I think I currently only have 2. I love the hexies on the dresdens and really like the purple border with hexie idea :)