Monday, September 17, 2012

Now that Pieced Hexies is out and about….






Boy these last few weeks have been a flurry of activity.  

First I had the honor of having Bonnie Hunter blog about Pieced Hexies…that threw my email into a tizzy.  

But a good tizzy!



And then the book itself arrived last Wednesday.   I had all the shipping labels printed, attached to the correct shipping packaging (Media Mail, First Class (for my foreign orders) and Priority Mail) along with packing slips.

So all I needed to do was sign away.  Then Paul put them in the envelopes, sealed and ran to the post office twice so as not to wait to the last minute with 100’s of envelopes!

Of course Molly held down the floor and we worked so hard we forgot to feed her at noon! YIPES!

We have since made it up to her…trust me.

Note…the blacked out areas are shipping info that I blacked out for obvious reasons.

And than I sat for two days on pins and needles literally waiting for the first reviews to come in.

In this world of instant communication feedback is also instantaneous.   I pretty much didn’t sleep.   It’s like sending your child off to the first day of school.  Anxious at 3pm to see how they liked it and if they got along out there in the big world without you.

And then the first post.  “I love it”.   I could breathe again.

Now I can begin to share some of the ideas I have for using Pieced Hexies here on my blog.

When putting together the book and realizing we were fast approaching the 96 page mark it was decided to not put projects in the book just give the people the method and designs.  They can be applied to any Hexie pattern already out there.  If we went the project route we would have to cut the number of designs in the book most likely in half.

As I have said before your entire quilt does not have to made with Pieced Hexies.

They can be used as applique to enhance a quilt.

And then this idea hit.

We have all have orphan blocks in our stash.  Most of mine are odds and ends of blocks from the 30s. Yes I love those feedsacks.

So rummaging thru my orphan pile I found a set of three sister Dresden Plates.  About 15” in diameter.  Perfect for my demo.

Nice block on it’s own.  But let’s be honest.  No pizzazz.   Plus I like to tweek things and make it my own.  Add my own flair. 

What if…..



Here is a TUMBLER Pieced Hexie done up in fabrics that aren’t truly marketed as repro prints of the 30s but do the job.  These fabrics are out there in our local quilt shops.  You just have to be patient and keep your eyes peeled on the shelves.  Unless I have been there first and snapped them up!  LOL!  So this is nice and it warms my 30s loving heart.



But what if…..

A SPIKE Pieced Hexie in solids.  Now that really pops.

Now if I had a set of 12 blocks I would make that Dresden Plate quilt.  Wait…I do have a set of 12 blocks (well 8 are finished…but I have the makings for the rest…that I picked up for $10!)  Yep get over to ebay…they are there!! I think I will put piecing the other four on the big wipe board of “TO DOs” in the studio.

But wait what if…….stay tuned for a blog on Wednesday with at least one other option.


Anonymous said...

wow, that totally changes the whole look of the block. and I love the idea of GFG with dresden plate lol
Nan in FL

The 2 Spies said...

The Pieced Hexies add such pizazz!! Can't wait for the next example!

Linda said...

I love the book - and the ideas that it gives - leaving the project up to me.........

Anonymous said...

Oh, WOW! That really does make a difference to the Dresden Plate block. Adds a lot of zip and pop! Way cool, Mickey! Your mind is brilliant!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...


Kim said...

I love the tumbler pieced hexie in that dresden plate! Brilliant!

Sarah said...

My book arrived while I was on vacation - can't wait to get out of work so I can peruse. I love that it's got the patterns instead of projects. The dresden center with solids is stunning. Now I need some solids...