Monday, September 3, 2012

Finding Treasures

Yesterday was Kane County Flea Market Day in this neck of the woods.  Happens the first Sunday of every month, rain or shine, minus January and February which are obviously “no go’s” in the frozen tundra of the northern midwest for most outdoor venues.  We still sled.  We always sled.


Paul and I tromped out to St. Charles, IL and arrived at the gates of the Kane Country Fair Grounds just a bit after 7 am.

The outdoor vendors were a bit sparse.  The threat of Isaac arriving kept many away.  But still a very good time was had and treasures where found.



We added to our  “Miles Metal Art Collection” with piece number 3 from this Husband and Wife duo. 

They are the artists that made the giant dragonfly in our dining room, and the birds “Holly and Noah” in our gardens. 



Meet Jasper.   He is very special. 

His body is an old Kenmore (yes Bonnie you were right!) Sewing Machine. 

We have decided to keep Jasper in the house. 

Molly is not sure what to make of him.


Other small treasures were found.  It wasn’t an over the top day of finds.  UNTIL….

I spied this on a table. 

Now I love biographies.  And thus love scrapbooks as they give an insight into a person.

This blew me away.


It started life as a School Officers Record Book in 1904.

By dates I find inside it started it’s second life as a scrapbook in the early 1930s.

1920-1940s  Those are the decades that really sing to me on all levels. 

The pages are filled with poems and short stories clipped from various sources and paired up with imagery also from various sources. Rural Progress 1938-12

One source is the Rural Progress Magazine.


It seems this was a very small magazine by a quick internet search. 

I will have to investigate further. 


But for now I will spend sometime just leafing thru.













                      Of course this image really caught my eye!





An ad for Raisin Maid.  Love it!



                            looks like a Rockwell to me.















    This is my style.












This is extra special.  And I have plans for this.


Yes I have big plans for this scrapbook. 

Now I just need another 16 hours in each day.


Maggie Szafranski said...

I am so loving Jasper! I can see why Molly is a bit befuddled!

Robin said...

That scrap/record book was quite a find, Mickey! We'd have had a tussle on our hands if we had been there at the same time. I look forward to seeing where you go with it...

16 hours? Let's go for 20!

Connie said...

Jasper is amazing! Does Molly go nose to nose with him? The scrapbook is so stuff like that too.

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

That scrapebook is an awesome find. Are there any names or locations
in it that might help you determine the owner? That would be very cool.

Mickey Depre said...

Debby the only reference I see right now is Cedar Rapids Iowa..but no of yet