Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eddie’s Wildflowers


Wild Flowers PictureI teach a workshop titled Charm Pack Wildflowers.

It is based on my pattern Wildflowers.  I have always been a bit reluctant to teach a “pattern” workshop as I really want students to take my patterns and make them their own. I am all about that. I often worried that students would not want to do this in a workshop setting.

But as I become more and more comfortable with showing my “traditional quilt” side I am also realizing that my students do take these traditional quilt patterns and run with them.

This makes my heart sing.

I taught this workshop for the Arkansas Quilters Guild/ Little Rock, AR in February. 

I met Eddie & Melissa.

Eddie and Melissa are a great “husband and wife” team of quilters and couldn’t be more different in their styles.  They entered the classroom and quickly set up shop.  They were old pros and Eddie I hear makes many many quilts from Melissa.   I like this guy. 

Melissa pulled out her fabric….great bright prints full of stripes and polka dots.

Eddie laid his fabric out. A very unusual color way of Civil War pack of prints and said “I’m going to use these Mickey…what do you think?”

“What do I think?”  “I can’t wait to see it happen” I tell him.  It will be wonderful!

This pattern can be made in all different styles of fabric.  In fact if you have the pattern, open it up and you will find two more samples inside or you can see them on my website on the workshop page. (scroll down to the 6hr workshops…second one)

Eddie's Wildflower QuiltA few weeks after the workshop I received an email from Eddie with this pic.  Yes it’s been awhile since I received it.   But I have been very busy with the book and stuff.  I immediately asked Eddie for permission to share it with all of you and he said YES!

So here is Eddie’s rendition of Wildflowers.

I absolutely love it. 

And I also love his own personal flair with the flowers.

Thanks Eddie for sharing.


Linda J Betts said...

I really enjoyed hearing about your meeting Melissa and Eddie! Normally I use brights, so was wondering when you said what Eddie was going use, how his fabrics would play out. Was I totally surprised when I saw the turned out beautiful Eddie! So happy it was posted for all to see. Super job Eddie...I love it!!! :)

Maggie Szafranski said...

WOW! Awesome!