Friday, September 28, 2012

Shhhhh…’s a secret…..


I have been sewing and creating like crazy these last few weeks.

Four different projects! 

And all are to be kept under wraps.…..well not all…. so finally I have something to share.

I have teamed up with Quilting on the Square in Holton Kansas to design a Block of the Month Quilt.   Last May during my visit Mark & Mary (owners) planted the seed of an idea and in June I sat down and designed “Moxie Girl”.

Last week I few out and spent 3 days with Mary, Connie, Becky & Jo pulling fabrics, auditioning fabrics, and sewing…sewing…sewing.   It was a lot of work but it was fun.  And watching Moxie Girl come together was thrilling for me. 

The first colorway (I have been told there will be 3) started off with Mary suggesting a lovely orangey yellow Kaffe fabric.  It is understated and to me it just screams a 40’s bark cloth print.  And that was exactly what I had in mind. 

Pair it up with a yellow polka dot, another Kaffe, some civil war prints, throw in some traditionals and a  dash of batik, shake well and you have “Moxie Girl!”.

Moxie? you ask what does Moxie mean?




Yes there is an east coast soda named Moxie…but we are thinking attitude.

Moxie is a slang word from the 30s that means adventurous, pep, vigor, backbone, grit, guts, gumption… get the picture.


Moxie1We were so excited by what was coming together in front of us that Mary caved (we love ya Mary!) and said go ahead and share.   I couldn’t hit the send button fast enough on my phone and put up a sneak peak pic on my facebook page.  (note we have since changed the center fabric choice)

And then I went to bed.  And when I woke up my fb inbox was jammed with inquires about Moxie Girl.  Apparently it was well received.

Here are a few more sneak peaks.   Moxie2

        Moxie4This quilt combines Pieced Hexies, Paper Pieced Hexies, traditional piecework and paper piecing and either machine or hand applique (your choice and easy peasy shapes).  It has everything in it in small amounts so it will be a lot of fun as a BOM project as each month will be an adventure.  Kinda “Moxie-ish”? 











I designed the spikey paper pieced hexie and Mary designed the rose colored paper pieced hexie…so this is truly a joint designed quilt!

The borders are being worked on as I type and hopefully we will have a completed quilt up for you in a week or so on the Quilting on the Square website. Mary has set up a page for Moxie Girl under the BOM section and if you want to get in on the information email blasts that will go out alerting you to new colorways posted, cost start date etc. then fill out the form on the page. You can bypass the credit card info by simply hitting pay by check. There is NO CHARGE this is simply for information there is NO OBLIGATION.Moxie6

Today I will be quilting another secret project…who knows what might be released to my FB friends over the weekend….  Smile


p.s. I never did get back to the Hexie House in Holton with a book…I most definitely will on my next visit…which I suspect will be sooner rather than later!

p.p.s.  You can always find out what I am hexing on my Facebook Fan Page “Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre”   come join us!


Maggie Szafranski said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait!

Sarah said...

Lovely quilt and some good ideas for using your book designs as well.

Barbers of Lucky Lane said...

Really fresh and new! Who wouldn't want to be the first to share their completed Moxie quilt at guild?