Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Arkansas Meadow Rose

eBay is my friend

Mobile App eBay scares Paul.

I surf for quilt tops and blocks whenever a few moments of time happen in my life. Found these blocks when I was in the airport in Dallas two weeks ago.

The design made me take a second look...the block name sealed the deal.

A set of 32 Arkansas Meadow Rose quilt blocks.

The blocks measure roughly 10"x10"

Arkansas Meadow Rose was a block that Kansas City Star published on October 9, 1935.

I think I will play with these blocks on my upcoming retreat in Nov. Some block sashing to true up their size and a pieced border to set them off is what I envision.

Then I have an idea to modernize the block and it's construction. Another new workshop is in the making.

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Maggie Szafranski said...

Hats off to that quilter who did all those pentagonal pieces!

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Cute cute cute!~ And I so love the solids!