Wednesday, October 3, 2012

it’s a Halloween Pieced Hexies Parade!


Join the “Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre”  Facebook Fan Page.

My vision for this page is a place to share all things Pieced Hexies.

That being said I am announcing a


Pieced Hexies Halloween Parade


This is your heads up so you can get your “costume” ready for the parade in that will begin on October 10th.

Yes a parade of Halloween themed Pieced Hexies! 



You can use Halloween fabrics or





Halloween Colors (orange, black, purple, green) …





just make a Pieced Hexie design from the Pieced Hexies book that

screams HALLOWEEN 


Post a pic on the Facebook Fan Page between midnight Oct 10th and midnight Oct 24th CST.


….on to the prize!

On Oct 25th in the wee hours of the morning I will use a random number generator to determine the winner of the following:


An 8x11 size bag stuffed with hand dyed scraps perfect for making bewitching hexies!


So heads up…start creating your “Pieced Hexie Halloween Costume” and join in the fun!

And yes you can post more than one Halloween Pieced Hexie for multiple entries!



Can’t wait to see the Parade of Halloween Pieced Hexies beginning on Oct 10th!


The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Oh What Fun! I've been away from stitching anything for a couple of weeks and needed some inspiration - I am so gonna do THIS!

Maggie Szafranski said...

What fun!

Jeanne Gwin said...

I have to get that book, it is killing me not having it (not literally) but you know what I mean. After all, you all know I am a book ho and not to have Mickey's book is like not having a house to live in. I mean Geez