Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I <3 Stickers!


We all have our vices.

One of mine is essentially clipart with a sticky back.  A sticker.  or stickers. 

Ok.  LOTS and LOTS of stickers!

I went to Hobby Lobby last week.

Dangerous territory.





I love to create my own stickers too! 

Vistaprint sends me thank you cards all the time. 










Chances are if you received any type of written correspondence from me you have gotten a sticker.





Look Emie!   DSC06341

Yep…Sock Monkey Stickers! 


….so now you all know…

                I am truly a Sticker Junkie.


….not gonna mention what the Post it Note aisle does to my heart.    Smile


Robin said...

OMG, another way that we are sisters. I started buying stickers about 25 years ago, when I used them to decorate my morning pages. Me too on stickering up packages and letters... even to pay bills somedays (whoever opens the mail deserves a smile too, don'tya think?)

And sock monkey stickers. I live on an remote island and have never been inside a HL store (don't even know where to find one). Just found them on line and ordered 6 pkg of sock monkeys (2 for a sock monkey crazy friend).

Your post made my day!

Linda said...

Those Halloween stickers are antique - I have some left from Currents MANY years ago!!!!!