Thursday, October 18, 2012

Paper Pieces Rocks!


Yesterday Paul and I took a small road trip to Paper Pieces in Sycamore, IL.  

Yes the company that produces the beloved paper hexies! 

But Paper Pieces is much much more than hexagons, there are octagons, dresdens, pentagons, flags, hearts,  coffins, diamonds, and a new fav…the jewel shape.

There are so many shapes! 

This girl was doing the happy dance inside as each box was pulled out and the treasure inside was revealed in their inventory.

But our trip was not just to touch and see papery goodness.

We were on a mission, there were prototypes of Pieced Hexies Acrylic Alignment Templates to see!!

YES!!  Marking your paper pieces with alignment guides has just gotten so much easier and faster…..and precise.

TA DA!  Here are my newest babies!  A set of septuplets!

note for the picture I slipped a paper hexie beneath each so that you can actually see the laser printing on them.   WHOO HOO!

Some girls like to see their name in lights…..this girl is thrilled with seeing her name etched on acrylic!







Here is Wheelie up close and personal.





Here is the graphic for drawing Wheelie Alignment Guidelines from Pieced Hexies.  Instructions take you thru drawing this guide on your paper piece.






Place the template on top of your paper hexie.  Position a sharp pencil (or sharp pointed pen) into the laser cut guides and draw a line. 







VIOLA!  quick and easy and you are ready to baste your Wheelie Pieced Hexie!

These shorter alignment guides are easier to erase so that your paper can be reused for another design later!





The Cogs and Sparkle templates have circles so that you can mark dots.  When lining up your block to the marked hexie push a pin thru the dot(s) to align center intersections.

The templates will come in a resealable vinyl bag for easy storage!  And easy to tote around while you are hexing on the go!

Yes you can preorder the sets on my website shop.   They will begin shipping out on October 31st!    The set of 7 templates and the vinyl bag is $45.95.  Individual templates will be available for purchase in November at a cost of $8.00 each. 



Maggie Szafranski said...

YaHoo! I knew you would come up with a super idea to make things easier!

Vicky said...
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Vicky said...

Sorry about the above! I wanted to add something and thought...too early to be thinking, I guess!

Fantastic idea about the acrylic templates! I just ordered a complete set to add to my already growing collection of Paper Pieces' items! My drawer is overflowing with papers!

I love your book too!

What's next!!
McKinney, TX

MAUREEN said...

This is awesome news!! It will make Hexing so much simpler! These are going on my wish list.

Sarah said...

I think I'm gonna need another job to purchase all the hexie related papers and templates I really want from Thanks for a great book and templates to make life sew much easier.

SubeeSews said...

Got mine pre-ordered. Thanks for being such a great designer!!!