Friday, July 12, 2013

My friend Wendy Butler Berns

I have known Wendy for many many years.   She used to reside in the Chicagoland area and then she ran north behind the cheddar curtain like my dear son and now lives just outside the Madison Wisconsin area.

Wendy and I have had our paths cross earlier this year when we were taping episodes for this upcoming season of The Quilt Show. 

(hint: my episode will be airing on July 15th!)

Wendy is also one of the original educators on the Craftsy paymentsite.  

So I asked her to give some insight into her classes and this was our exchange.

Wendy, What topics do your Craftsy courses cover? My  "Free Motion Quilting and More" course covers everything you need to get started with machine quilting!  Preparing the quilt for quilting, creating a sample for use with the walking foot and one for the darning foot.  I also cover my tips on threads and needles.  The course has proven to be very successful for students ready to jump into machine quilting.  payment2My course "Pictorial Quilts with Machine Applique" covers my detailed steps for creating pictorial quilts starting from a line drawing or photograph.  The outline follows my book "Photo Album Quilts" which is now out of print.  Students are enjoying experimenting with original design using my machine applique process.  The third course is "Art Quilting 101".. I love to encourage students to jump in and experiment with the spontaneity of working small.   We explore embellishing with threads, fusible designs and adding 3-D texture to our pieces... lots of inspirational ideas.

Duatalon%20full%20viewI also wandered to Wendy’s website to see what she has been up to.  I have seen this quilt in person and of course it is a favorite.

….and then I visited her pattern page.



Yep. this one won me over immediately.



Check out Wendy, for a Craftsy class, a great pattern or to teach/lecture for your guild.  She is a great person so spend some time with!

Enjoy your day,


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Jennifer said...

Wendy taught at our guild last year and I took her class - she is a fantastic teacher and I got so much from the day even though I don't consider myself and art quilter. I highly recommend her - a great teacher and lovely person!