Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pieced Hexie Star WINNIE

WinniePHStarColoredJuly’s star name is WINNIE!

For no other reason then I like it.  

Having a long unusual first name myself I am drawn to such names that can be shortened into cute nicknames, either with a masculine edge or the other direction so fluffy and girly.

My given name is Michaelene.   My immediate family calls me Mike.  It wasn’t until Paul entered my life and I began to work in an office setting that the nickname Mickey was born.

So when I think of an odd name I like I think of Winifred.   Either Freddie or Winnie for nicknames!

Ok that was a strange reason to name July Winnie I concur but well it’s the truth.  LOL.

So I give you Winnie!

And isn’t she a dynamo.  I love using neutrals in those 50/50 hexies to give an illusion of openness like a snowflake or doily.

As always you can find the free PDF pattern for Winnie on my sidebar.

Now in the next few weeks I will be unveiling a brand new website.  We haven’t decided to keep the side bar on the blog which will be embedded into the website or go with a separate page of PDF patterns.  So don’t fret if the bar goes away…the patterns never will.

I promise.



p.s. A big Thank You to Maggie my wonderful stunt sewer for this sample of Winnie!

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