Friday, July 19, 2013

Winners All Around!


We have a winner of the Indygo Junction Friends of a Feather pattern and fat 1/8th of hand dyes!

….drum roll…..

Laurie Parrack!   Drop me an email with your info and the pattern and fabric will be on their way!



I am deep in the midst of manuscript writing for my next book to be out in January 2014!

I am thrilled that so many love Pieced Hexies.  

They are addictive that’s for sure.



mzl_fktmsrvd_175x175-75So as I sit here for another day with Illustrator creating and playing with colors and textures my police scanner squawks out the neighbor happenings to me.   Over the years my ears have learned to dim it out the info until something exciting happens or an address close to my house is mentioned.

Like just now.  Someone fell on their bike a block over and an ambulance is in route.   Hope they are ok.


imagesCAOQTAHZIn the studio I listen to either music (some of it by these Police) or the dim of cable news.   I have tried to break the habit of the need for white noise but I just can’t.  If nothing is on my brain starts to think to much. 

Does that make sense?

Surely I cannot be alone win my need for static noise.

(ps I have tried audio books…I land up mind drifting and loosing all track of the story).


And before I click the post button I wanted to share this great winning deal.  Today is day two of Craftsy’s Great Summer Sale.  Some classes are up to 75% OFF!  Yes Craftsy has awesome quilting classes but I also have several foodie, knitting and sewing classes in my stash on Craftsy. 


These are a few that have caught my eye and tumbled into my basket.


     Spindlying    Embroidered T-Shirt

Click on the images above or the Sweet Summer Sale image to go right to the site for sale pricing!

Big News Tomorrow!



Debra Anger said...

Congrats to the winner!! fun is at hand!
Mickey I love white noise too, it also helps with moving along something to get your body in motion. I saw the Police in concert when they first come out it was amazing!

Beth said...

Hi Mickey

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Laurie!!!

I am totally with you with the "white noise". For me it is usually NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds, etc....

Countin' the days to Collaboration Celebration :)

Barbara Reynolds said...

congrats to Laurie!
I know she will enjoy. Background noise is wonderful to let your mind wander in the creative mode.