Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Bike…Two Birds….but not two dogs

Earlier this month (wow does time fly) Paul and I headed out to the Kane County Flea Market. 

It is one of our favorites.  Always brimming with vendors. 

Lots of “junk” to peruse.



And of course one of our favorite local artist usually has a stall.  She is Terri Miles and she makes sculptures from old metal items.  Several of her work already lives at Chez Depre.  





But when Paul saw her “Bike and Birds” piece well it was sold before the price was even discussed.



So now we can tell people you can find our house by the red bike in the front with two birds.  

They have yet to be named.   But I am considering “Faith & Molly”.  

In honor of the friendship between two dogs that just did not happen.




Yes, we almost adopted a second senior doxie.  Molly seemed very open to the idea at first, but then when Faith spent too much time getting to know me and it was all over.  Molly would not share her “mom”.



Midwest Dachshund Rescue offered to work with us for several months to try to socialize Molly and quell her anxieties but that would mean Faith would not have a furever home for a few months and at age 9 we didn’t feel that was fair to her.  Especially with two other families also expressing interest in her. 

So Molly will remain an only dog. 

And that’s ok.  Smile

Enjoy the day,



GO STARS! said...

We recently lost one of our cats. Einstein and Cocoa never really got along but could tolerate each other. I worried about Cocoa missing a companion but he has told me he likes being an only cat. He gets all of my attention. In fact he's more affectionate now being an only.

Maggie Szafranski said...

What a beautiful home! So inviting! I love red brick!

Lizzy said...

LOVE the bike! I understand about the dogs we had problems with 2 cats. You are doing what is best for both.