Thursday, August 8, 2013

What’s that box about?

You may of noticed the box in the upper right hand of my blog.   The one that says “This blog received Gold Star from The Quilt Pattern Magazine.   What’s that you ask?

The Quilt Pattern Magazine is a new electronic based quilt magazine.

SideBanner2It is chock full of everything love and find in our traditional mail delivery quilt magazines except it isn’t mailed.

And this techie quilting chick on the go likes that. I like that I can download it to my laptop and open it up and read.  And if an ad catches my eye, or a blog link (a la my blog mention) I can just click and instantly I am there on the website or blog checking it out.

If I want to print a pattern…no prob.   Yes you are using your printer and ink.  But there is the “print in gray scale option” and truly in the long run the saving of space and convenience makes me happy.

CM-GoldenRatioTreeSkirtThis is just a sample of the fantastic patterns I am seeing.

And articles about EQ and quilt photography.  So it is more than just patterns.  But there are so many patterns!!

A subscription is just $14.99 for 12 issues (or 13 if you sign up now and take advantage of their Baker’s Dozen special)

Tell them I sent you!  And maybe we can meet up I the chat room sometime soon!

Enjoy the day,


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