Thursday, August 22, 2013

One Raccoon, Two Raccoons, EIGHT!

One of the days spent at Quilt Villa in the mountains of NC with Bonnie Hunter we went out exploring.

The plan was to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway but mother nature had plans for pouring rain that late morning so we drove for a bit to the town of Boone.

What do two vintage loving quilters do when their scenic drive plans are rained out? 

They go antiquing.

And since we were freestyin’ this adventure we took what ever came our way via the road.

We landed up stopping at four Antique shops/malls that day and had a blast. 

But the first stop proved to the be the winner in oddities.



As soon as we walked it we knew we were in a “Man’s” antique shop.  Not just because we were the only females inside the walls but because there wasn’t a doily, apron, nor a quilt to be found.  Heck there where hardly any kitchen items at all. 






But there was taxidermy. 

Now let me preface this by saying I am married to a hunter (no not a relative of Bonnie’s).   Heck at my in-laws 9 extra sets of eyes watch tv with you in the rec room.  






It is an art.  But truly why would I want a family of four raccoons keeping an eye on me?






And then we turned into this booth. 

Now this taxidermist and I connect.

I could live with this as it makes me giggle.





But this piece turned those giggles into laughs.

Bonnie was playing look out while I snapped away.

I had to shoot (LOL…ok now laughing as I type) this one twice as the first pic was so blurry from laughing.


TaxiNC6But this truly was the ONE.  This is the piece I want in my cabin someday.  We pretty much hightailed it out of there after this pic….laughing all the way to the van.

Life is better with laughter,


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