Sunday, May 26, 2013



isI am trying desperately to blog.  I am trying to take pics of all the lovely quilts I have been “rearranging” in my studio. 

One problem.

My 6 yr. old point and shoot camera may have got up and left.  Every picture I take looks fuzzy, or grainy, or both.  I am frustrated.  

I am taking a lesson from this situation.  Sometimes after hours (days, weeks, months…years) of fiddling and trying to tweak something.  Well sometimes it is best to hit “return to factory settings” and start all over.

… if I could just find that button.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey,
Sounds like a problem I had with my 8 year old camera. If they also have a purple tint to the photos it may be a bad CCD sensor. Several manufacturers have agreed that they cameras do have this problem. I had a cannon sureshot. Cannon replaces the CCD sensor free and even send postage free seals to send the camera back. Mine works like a charm. Just go online and check your camera manufacturer. Beats buying a new camera!