Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lessons Learned


I’ve learned a lesson this month.  About myself.



It’s ok to ask for help.

That was a toughie for me.  I am very independent and don’t like to bother others.

But I realized sometimes I need a helping hand.


Actually I learned two lessons.FlockedFULLWeb

The second is that I need to be more direct.  Funny I know.  I am about the most brutally honest person out there.  …..well I do know someone more brutally honest than me but she will remain nameless. 

…..  err OK I know two….maybe three….  ok “birds of a feather thing I know”.  






     Back on track.


I tend to think “they know what I need from them.  They understand.  They will get it and come thru.”  When I need to just tell people. imagesCAFPJU2W

And then I am hurt and disappointed when “they” don’t.   And it’s no one’s fault but mine.   I am learning if I need something from someone, or I need them to realize something I need to pipe up. 

backsI think I lost two good friends this month because I didn’t do this.  I just kept to myself my confusion and hurt about a situation that I know truly no one meant any harm it was just one of those “not seeing things from my perspective” things.  And finally when forced to face this fact I felt overwhelmed and extremely hurt that they didn’t get it before it grew into this situation.  And well I honestly don’t know where I stand now.  I realize there is a lot of hurt on both sides. 

So I am putting myself out there with my lessons learned. 

Sometimes it helps to write it down to when trying to figure out a solution.  

And of course there is always hexing to help the thinking process.  Smile


Piece out.



Maggie Szafranski said...

Hugs to you, Mickey! Hang in there! Life lessons are always the hardest to learn!

squeakie said...

big squeeze...hang in'll make it!!!

Robin said...

I love it when artists I admire share some of their personal process. In this post, your communication skills are 5 star. And yes, it does help to write it down when trying to figure out a solution. Just like in making a hexie quilt or design, writing it down allows an objective look at stuff that seems totally overwhelming and hurtful when going in mind circles about it. It IS hard to ask for what we want/need/help. I get that. Bravo to you for dealing with it.