Monday, May 27, 2013

Twin A’s Quilt

It looks like my camera problem has been solved with the “reset to factory settings correction” so I am blogging again. 

And just in time to share Pauli’s quilt before he flies the coop tomorrow to his new apartment and job in Madison Wisconsin.

He is going to be missed.  But at only 152 miles from our door to his I hope he will surprise us everyone in awhile and head here for an evening or two and some Rosie’s pizza. 

I got the binding on his quilt and it will be off with him in the morning. 

A simple quilt of Triple Nine Patch blocks.  Nothing fancy.  Just made with love.

I made both Paul and Em the same quilt but dramatically different colors.   I will have a blog on Em’s in a week or so.  The quilts are named Twin A and Twin B.  Their legal names for the first 4 days in the hospital until the birth ceritificate lady finally got to my room. 

The quilts aren’t big at 68 x 78 but they are good lap size.  I plan to make them each a queen size quilt now that I have a feel for their style and colors of their apartments.  Yes apartments…Em is out the door on Saturday to her new abode. 




I think Molly is going to miss Pauli.  She just loves jumping up and snuggling him when he is on the couch. 




I am so proud of Paul.  He is ready to take on the world. 



The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Congrats "Mom"'ve done a great job with your wonderful twins...and the quilt(s) the one for Pauli - glad to see you back here - can't wait to see Em's quilt soon! It appears Molly loves it when Pauli is on the 'floor' too! LOL

Me and My Stitches said...

Love the names of the quilts! Love his quilt, now I'm anxious to see hers.

Jennifer said...

Great quilt Mickey! I am sure he will enjoy having it in his new place.