Friday, May 3, 2013

Ugg….the learning curve is on the horizon.


   It’s that dreaded time again.



A few weeks ago I dropped my phone.  Now I have dropped it before.  But it always landed face up on the carpet.   And since it is incased in a lovely “crash guard” it has always been all good.

This time …err….not so much.

I dropped it and it bounced off the top corner and landed face down on the hardwood floor.  My heartbeat was racing when I reached for it and turned it over.

Whew….the screen was not cracked.   A swipe of the finger and it came to life and all was up and running properly…or at least I thought.

A few hours later I snapped a pic.  Looks ok on my little screen.  errr….not so much when I upload to Facebook.  Fuzzy would be an understatement.

And so I began to tweek and tweek some more. 

And in total frustration reset the camera app back to factory default.

Nope something is wrong.  And it goes in and out.  strange.  and even more frustrating.

It’s time for a new phone.

Well at least we are a bit in front of the curve on this situation.  In early March, Paul and I stumbled into the AT&T store to take a gander at the newest smartphone offerings.  After all it is time with 2 years hard use under the belts of both phones.  We each needed more space, who knew how addictive apps would be.  Not to mention the picture taking.

And yes I do realize I jinxed my phone by making this pilgrimage visit. dimension copy

We decided we liked the HTC One X+.

MC900383314See we have a strategy.  We get the same phone.  Makes the learning curve easier when you are stumbling around with a buddy.  That’s our story.  

Our initial new phone dialog usually goes…”hey look what I figured out to do”  or “let me show you how to set that up”.

So wondering does anyone out there have this phone?  If so, what do you think of it?


Enjoy your day,



paul said...

is that supposed to be a pic of us...cause we are much cuter than that...

Maggie Szafranski said...

We will be getting new phones in the near future, so will be watching to see what you get and how you like it. Hubby is thinking an iPhone, but I like the android based phones (and as hubby rarely turns his phone on, I think I should get the majority vote). We always get the same phone, too!