Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pieced Hexies Star–GINGER


I know this post is one day late, my apologies.  It has been crazy busy here at Chez Depre.

Both kids…err…young adults are home…for a small amount of time.   Both have secured well paying jobs that will afford them the luxury of living on their own…actually they have no choice as both will be in other states.   But more on that later.

Today is all about Pieced Hexie Star GINGER!

Ginger is a name I love.  I even considered Ginger for Emily’s name.  I just love it.  So spicy and sassy, yet soft and traditional.   The perfect name for this months star.

Here she is!


With everything going on lately in my life I concluded a few months ago that there is just not time for me alone to make all my creative ideas come to life.   So I have two wonderful “helpers” now making the Pieced Hexie Star samples.  They are Maggie S. and Cathy K. and they are lifesavers!  I am so grateful.

Here are their renditions.







Maggie’s GINGER star


This rendition is done in soft tonal prints so I put it up against a black background so you could see the edges easily.









Cathy’s GINGER star

I sent Cathy a collection of

30’s repros to make this star.


I absolutely love the soft turquoise “ring”.


And I love that Cathy used the same solid bubblegum pink in the outside “points” of the Jacks Pieced Hexies.  Cathy did do the actual piecing so you could easily understand the concept but in reality you could just drop off that step in your making of the Jazzy blocks and save a step. 



I hope you are enjoying the Pieced Hexie Stars.   Considering making a Flickr group for them.  Any thoughts?


Enjoy the day,



Tonya Reichard said...

Wow! I love Maggie's Ginger!!! The colors are wonderful. I am trying to make more time for hexies!!!!

Sarah said...

I know I'm enjoying them! I'll be posting my Sondra tomorrow on my blog...

Beth said...

Hi Mickey
Can't wait to learn this technique in August!!