Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Every Guy Needs Stuff

Coronado1Back in March Paul and I found this gem on Craigslist and made a beeline to it.

On the way home we named the machine Kermit.  A nod to it’s green color and Paul’s insistance that every machine does not have to be a female.

Kermit sat in the studio for months.  Life just got in the way of doing anything with him.

Then one day we ran him thru his paces.  Oh my he sews like a dream.  

But back in the cabinet he went for another day.

Weeks passed.

Then I got a little tired of pushing the cabinet out of the way and since it was in such poor shape.  Well out Kermit came.

Then he sat on the studio counter. 

He needed detailing and a base box.

I purchase a box from Stitches In Time a vendor on ebay.  They deal in tons of vintage sewing machine parts, manuals, accessories.

Definitely a bookmark into your ebay vendor list.

Stitches in Time



The base box arrived last week.


Made of cherry wood, it is truly meant for a hand crank machine but it does the job for Kermit and the side tray can be used to hold “stuff”.  And everything has it’s own stuff.




Paul spent a few hours carefully detailing. 



And just look at Kermit now.

He is so handsome. 







He now lives on the bookcase in the guest room.  His green color just adds spark to the dusty purple/grey décor.





(note Paul was sick with the flu when he took this pic for me on Tues…thus he placed Kermit in backwards.  I forgive him as he did such a great job cleaning him up on Sunday)









Just look at his shine!


Hope Emily enjoys sharing his space when she visits this weekend. 

Can’t wait to hug my baby girl.



Nancy James said...

Mickey I love Kermit!! What did Paul use to clean him up with? And that shine, it's amazing!

nankc said...

I went to Stitches in Time on eBay and they didn't have any base boxes there. Do they have a website where you can order them or did you just contact them about getting one made? Thanks!

Mickey Depre said...

Paul used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! can email Cindy at

Please tell her about my blog and how much I love my box! Thanks