Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Great Stash Bust!

I spent the last two days in the studio cleaning up. 

This meant I put away all the fabric I used in the next book.  I had been stacking all the used fabric pieces in a special bin…well bins by the time I was done.  So that I could guarantee that a fabric would only be used once during the making of all 84 commercial fabric samples for the next Pieced Hexies Book.  Each sample uses a minimum of 4 fabrics, with some designs up to 6 fabrics….so you can see a whole lot of fabrics were used.

So the goal was to straighten up everything.  Shoehorn all the fabric back into the appropriate bins.  And take a deep breath.  And sew.

While shoehorning I ran across some old friends which have lived in the fabric neighborhood for years.

It is time to move them out of the stash and into a quilt.

First group to be removed.  The hand marbled fabrics.

This collection has not been touched in 10 years minimum.  Time to take action.






I started by cutting the pieces into 2.5” strips. 











Then I remembered the huge pile of black kona “odds–n-ends” left over from all the backings of the samples.


Guess what!?!  These fabrics are going to land up as some crazy 9 patches….maybe to go on to live as Sisters Choice blocks…or something else.

But it’s happening!  That marbled stash is needs to live in a quilt for all to see! 

I challenge you to take a good look at your stash and find the hidden treasure that you have held on to for ages and cut if up and start to “move it out”!.

There is more.


This is the Civil War and 30’s stash.  They are up next for “moving out”. 



And then it’s on to this stash. 


This is gonna take awhile.



Judy D in WA said...

I've been doing this with some of the older scraps. Lots was cut up into 1 1/2" strips for my log cabin, others get stripped into 2" and 2 1/2", small pieces into squares-like Bonnie's system. I go through spurts and sputters, sometimes I keep up, sometimes not so much! Love the marbles!

Jennifer said...

I have some of the marbled ones in my stash too - cant wait to see how they look with the black - looks very promising! Have fun!

Diane-crewe said...

wow! bit scary to even enter the stash !! maybe just a little delving to begin with xx lol x